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About Us

About us

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We’ve been at this for over 7 years and we’ve learned firsthand what it takes to support our partner clients with exceptional service. 

Our Mission Why Us Worry Free

Our mission is clear since we started, to create a freelance agency that can help our partners to scale their businesses without them worrying about hiring new (hard to find) talent.

Every idea starts with a why and ours was simple: most outsource development vendors suck. We started SWW to create an alternative. We pride ourselves on quality, service, results, and building authentic client relationships. That’s why 100% of our work comes from Word of Mouth.

We witnessed first-hand how difficult it is for agencies to hire local developers and quickly scale their teams — Our worry-free model allows you to grow your business and sign more clients without worrying about hiring new talent. 

years of experiences
Our Goal
Our goal has always been to build a agency focused on client attention, authentic client relationships, caring for our clients and helping them achieve their big, ambitious goals.
Team Member

Passionate Personalities, Versatile Brains

Jas Singh

Client Success Manager
Lead a team of passionate developers, designers, and strategists to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
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Vikram Sharma

Development Manager
Vikram joined SWW in 2016 and worked in a variety of technical roles before becoming the development manager
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Tapak Meni

Project Manager
As the project manager, Tapak oversees all ongoing projects and makes sure we never miss a deadline
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Ergi Laura

Team Lead Manager
Ergi serves as the team lead manager to ensure that all the different teams work in synergy so that we can deliver extraordinary results
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